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Wheel Alignment

Take advantage of our State-of-the-Art Alignment Services for your family car or SUV.

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Read more about our State-of-the-Art Alignment System: We use the best tools to get the best results Below are the benefits of our system… and each and every one of these integrated alignment system components give superior results for the task they are assigned whether you have a new or older car or SUV.
  • EZ-Access (Wheels-Off Alignment)
  • Software for Modified Vehicles
  • Advanced Vehicle Dimensions
  • Pro-Ackerman™
  • TPMS Information
  • Technical Service Bulletins
  • Track Width
  • Wheelbase
  • Front and RearSet-back
  • Scrub Radius, CasterTrail, and SAI
  • Information Systems Compatible
  • Cradle Adjustments
  • Intuitive Caster Measurement
  • Drag Link Adjustments
  • Single Tie Rod Adjust
  • Toe Curve Change
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Roll Forward & Split-Positioning Sequence
  • Rolling Radius
  • Cross Diagonal
  • Custom Inspections and Reports
  • Multiple Alignment Wizards (Incl. Custom)
  • SAI and Thrust Angle
  • Included Angle
  • Toe Out On Turns/Max Turn
  • Front and Rear Toe
  • Front/Rear/All/Zoom Readings
  • Frame Check™ Light Truck Frame Angle
  • Initial/Final Color Printouts
  • Individual Camber/Caster/Toe
  • Front Caster (-28°to+28°)
  • Front & Rear Camber (-15°to+15°)
  • A-Arm Adjustments
  • Adjust Camber Only
  • Elevated Adjustments
  • Rear Shim Programs
  • Multiple Lift Support (3)
  • VehicleSpecs:25+years
  • EZ-Link™
  • EZ-Stream™ (Optional)
  • EZ-Toe™
  • Steering Wheel Level Check
  • Drive-On  Camera Aid Ready
  • Equalize Toe Warning
  • Adjust Front Before Rear Warning
  • Ride Height
  • Multiple Clamp Support
  • 2-WheelAlignment
  • 32Languages
  • Multiple Print Formats
  • Custom Vehicle Specifications
  • Regional Specifications
  • Integrated Help System(PDF)
  • Tools, Parts, and Adjustment Instructions
  • Advanced Customer Database with Backup/Restore
  • Multiple Units of Measure
  • Caster and SAI on Turntables
  • SAI Elevated
  • Live Caster, Camber and Toe–Turntables
  • Live Caster, Camber and Toe–Elevated
  • North Star Shim Program
  • Light Truck Bushing
  • Remote Control
  • Variable-Height Camera Support Controls
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