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Oil Changes – Get the Best & Fast!

Want a fast, quality oil change? Use the convenience of calling ahead for an appointment. We’ll service your vehicle while you wait in our comfortable lounge area and enjoy the benefit of free WiFi.

Get a Premium Oil, Lube & Filter Change

Why come to the experts for an oil change? Because:
  • Superior automotive products prolong the life of your car, and Greg’s Garage uses only quality oil and lubrication products.
  • Superior oil and lube products can improve your gas mileage and the efficiency of your vehicle’s engine.
  • Expert technicians work on your vehicle. You’ll drive away confident, knowing your car or SUV has been serviced by ASE-certified professionals.
  • Our experts check all fluids under the hood, from your washer liquid to your brake fluid.
  • Our techs do a visual safety check of your vehicle, quickly replacing burned-out taillights and headlights, spotting possible problems, and helping to keep your car safe for you and your family.
  • You’ll be surprised at our low oil change prices! Call and get a quote for your vehicle.
Make it easy; make it quick. Call ahead for an appointment – 775-324-0911 – or drop in for your next oil change.

Oil Change in Reno, NV

If you own a vehicle, it’s likely that you know how crucial oil changes are to its overall wellbeing. Every 3,000 miles or so, it’s critical that the old oil be removed from your engine and replaced with fresh oil to ensure that the oil continues lubricating the engine and absorbing the heat so that the vehicle’s other parts work without overheating.
Greg’s Garage Inc. can provide oil changes for vehicles requiring conventional or synthetic oil to ensure that your automobile lasts as long as it should. If you’re unsure of the difference between conventional and synthetic oil or you aren’t sure which would be better for your vehicle, one of our trained mechanics can help you understand and make an informed choice.

Synthetic Oil Changes

Many people choose to use synthetic oil because it offers better protection and performance even if the manufacturer doesn’t require it (however, if you have a new car, you may be prone to engine damage by not using synthetic oil and could potentially void the warranty). Synthetic oil is a mixture of synthetic and conventional oil that offers better fuel economy and cleaning. It keeps your engine in the best possible condition—especially in extreme climates. It tends to be better for those who do a lot of city driving with stop-and-go traffic.

Why Come to Us?

Greg’s Garage Inc. specializes in speedy, superior synthetic oil changes, which are not needed as frequently as conventional oil changes. We use only the highest quality oil and lubrication materials at competitive prices. In addition, our experts check all the fluids under your hood and do a visual safety check of your vehicle. While you wait, you’ll sit comfortably in our lounge area and enjoy free Wi-Fi.
If you’re looking to switch oils, get advice on which oil to use or have your oil changed, contact our garage for a free quote. One of our technicians will be happy to help you!
$44.95* Synthetic L.O.F.
$24.95* Oil & Filter Change