Comprehensive Tire Services in Reno, NV

You and your family spend time in your vehicle every day relying on the four wheels beneath you to perform well. Sometimes due to circumstances beyond your control, such as manufacturing defects or foreign objects in the road, your tires can experience serious damage and lead to accidents. Greg’s Garage Inc. wants to protect you from these incidents by providing you with traditional routine tire services that ensure top-notch performance and by offering you part in the Nationwide Road Hazard Program.

Nationwide Road Hazard Program

At Greg’s Garage Inc., we participate in the Nationwide Road Hazard Program which is a good idea to take part in because even if your vehicle undergoes routine tire maintenance, you may still face damage to your tires at times that you can’t predict. Nevada has a high rate of tire-related crashes, which often occur randomly during the year due to the scorching summer months and cold winter seasons.
Tire manufacturers don’t cover road hazards so it’s a wise idea to purchase a protection plan through this program for your own peace of mind. The program covers punctures, breaks, damage by nails or glass, and damage from curbs or potholes.
We recommend that you also have your tires regularly maintained and inspected by us to further reduce your risk of accidents and fatalities from your tires.

Free Services

We greatly appreciate the business of our customers, and we show it by providing free tire rotation and flat repair whenever you may need it. We can also do free tire pressure checks and add air to your tires any time. Our goal is the safety of you and your family on the road.
If you want a local, honest garage that won’t take shortcuts or take advantage of you, contact us today by phone or by stopping by our location.
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